Being the collective voice of the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Kosovo, STIKK promotes the converging interests of the businesses and individuals in the field of ICT.

Who We Are

STIKK - The Kosovo ICT Association was established in 2008 by the six founding member companies and supported by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Crimson Capital and IKT Norge, with the aim of acting as a collective voice of the ICT sector. During ten years of its operations STIKK was able to achieve numerous successes and become one of the leading drivers of the ICT industry and ICT community in Kosovo. Striving towards the development of the ICT industry, STIKK implemented numerous projects aimed to promote the ICT sector of Kosovo, improve its regulatory framework, implement research and industry specific analysis, and facilitate professional development of sector’s constituents. STIKK currently accounts for 125 +members, which represents 90% of the whole ICT market of Kosovo.

STIKK is dedicated to help out the long-term-growth of the Information and Communications Technology industry in Kosovo; is committed to improving the business environment for the ICT, as well as promoting the contribution of the Information and Communications Technology to economic growth and social progress in Kosovo. STIKK seeks to participate in the development and implementation of policies by helping the Government and Institutions of Kosovo to understand current and future technology trends, and how technology can contribute to the economic growth of the country.


The Kosovo Association of Information and Communication Technology (STIKK) shall have a central role in stimulating dynamic growth of the ICT sector in Kosovo, thereby opening up new opportunities and increasing competitiveness of the sector, within the country and abroad.


STIKK will help create a better ICT business environment by improving standards and educational opportunities, and advocating with the government on behalf of its members to ensure that the sector will attract new business and investment.


Our Objectives

  • Develop an independent and objective association focused solely on the needs of ALL of its members and society in general.
  • Implement value added activities that increase the profile and organization of the entire ICT sector
  • Dedicate necessary funds to enable full time staff and allow reasonable time for association to become sustainable and operational.
  • Focus on revenue generating activities, best practices in the region, and integration into regional and European markets.



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