Tech Park Welcomes First 18 Start-ups: Tenancy Contracts Signed in Milestone Moment for STAR UP Project

Excitement reverberates through the tech community as the STAR UP project, backed by the European Union in Kosovo and executed by STIKK – Kosovo ICT Association, announces a significant milestone. The official signing of tenancy contracts between STIKK and the first 18 outstanding start-ups marks the commencement of a groundbreaking journey where innovation seamlessly merges with opportunity.

The Tenancy Contracts grant these start-ups exclusive access to the cutting-edge facilities of TechPark, securing their place in a dynamic coworking area that serves as the epicenter for collaborative endeavors. However, this collaboration is not just about physical space; it is a gateway to a world of possibilities for these entrepreneurs.

The partnership brings forth a plethora of benefits, propelling the start-ups into a realm of growth and success. From tailored training programs and expert mentorship to strategic consultancy and international exposure at tech events, the STAR UP project is shaping up to be a comprehensive initiative dedicated to fostering innovation and entrepreneurial success.

Key advantages of this collaboration include B2B networking opportunities, support to access EU markets, export services, and goods, along with access to grants for innovation and growth. It’s not just a program; it’s a transformative experience designed to empower and propel these start-ups to new heights.

As the STAR UP project unfolds within the walls of TechPark, the tech community eagerly anticipates the success stories that will undoubtedly emerge from this nexus of innovation and collaboration. The support from the European Union in Kosovo and the implementation prowess of STIKK have created an environment ripe for groundbreaking achievements.

Cheers to innovation, collaboration, and the limitless possibilities that lie ahead for these 18 start-ups. The STAR UP project is set to redefine the landscape of entrepreneurship in Kosovo, providing a springboard for these ambitious ventures to thrive and make their mark on the global stage.