Open Position – Data Analyst & Researcher

With the establishment of a Statistical Analytical Unit (SAU) within STIKK, supported by USAID Kosovo Compete Activity, we are looking to hire Full Time, a Data Analyst & Researcher to head this unit in achieving its objectives.

Position: Data Analyst & Researcher 

Job Position Description 


STIKK aims to have a person responsible for daily, monthly, and yearly activities in the context of profiling displacement situations related to the ICT Sector in Kosovo; and by which certain methodologies and tools can be used towards profiling data which later can be transformed into information and evidence.

The analyst will support the SAU unit at STIKK by:

1 – Working on one or several research projects (i.e. STIKK Barometer) related to information analysis and displacement data.

2 – Market research

3 – Assist the team in selecting daily milestones/tasks related to the ICT sector in Kosovo for the benefit of STIKK’s community

The Analyst will be part of the SAU team and will report to the director of STIKK.

Description of Duties

1. Cross-comparison of (durable solutions) indicators from several datasets

STIKK has supported a lot of companies within Kosovo with exercising their internal activities and tried to lead other exporters in new leads to find new markets. Findings have only been made available at the level of a single report (called the Barometer) through non-governmental and governmental sources. However, at the national level, business owners and STIKK partners may also be interested in a thorough analysis of the internal market, including a standardized approach to cross-country trends and patterns on key displacement indicators.

The analyst in this case will support:

– Reviewing and consolidating (durable solutions) indicators and datasets and actual methodologies to conduct research.

– Gathering, processing, storing and managing data that involve the transaction and other activities

– Developing/reviewing research questions and analytical models to test.

– Suggesting indicators and tabulation plans conduct correlations among variables and dataset analyses.

– Conducting statistical analysis of the data, and identifying relevant trends, patterns and key findings.

– Develop a report, according to the agreed reporting plan, including visualizations and narrative interpretations of the findings as required.

– Drafting recommendations for the use of (durable solutions) indicators and systematizing cross-country analysis, reporting and visualization of datasets.

2. Combine quantitative and qualitative data for analysis and visualization

STIKK’s methodological approach to data includes quantitative data collection (Sources: ASK, CBK, Gov. Agencies i.e., KIESA, ARBK, etc.), supplemented with qualitative data (sample-based company surveys). The analyst will support:

– Reviewing of techniques related to analysis and visualization of qualitative data, including literature research and review, identification of key resources and key informant interviews and identification of case studies and best practices.

– Reviewing and consolidating qualitative information from the STIKK partners and stakeholders.

– Developing a framework with recommendations on how to combine quantitative and qualitative data for analysis and visualization.

3. Provide support to the other colleagues/team members of STIKK.

The Analyst will support with:

– Daily management and maintenance of the content that is posted in the website, social media, and internal reporting.

– Identifying and developing new opportunities for products, projects and partnerships with key partners.

– Monitoring and evaluation of tool usage and impact.



– Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Economics, Social Sciences, Development Studies or other relevant fields. Studies specialized in population sciences and/or computer science are an asset.

– Proof of any previous academic written work, such as project proposal, academic research, and/or published work.

Experience and achievements

– Knowledge of population data management, with knowledge of different data collection methodologies.

– Demonstrated skills and knowledge in writing, editing and publishing material and using multiple communication tools and tactics is highly desirable.

Skills and qualities

– Advanced computer skills, including analytical software (e.g. PowerBI, SPSS, STATA), proficiency in computers/software, emails, websites and communication and networking software.

– Strong interpersonal skills, including skills in coordination and the ability to work in teams.

– Solid analytical, writing and presentation skills

– Ability to be product/achievement oriented in short periods.

– Demonstrated interest in social/development work; affinity with NGOs.

– Strong English verbal and written skills.

– Good knowledge and experience with database design software.


As a catalyst to the dynamic technology industry, STIKK accelerates growth and progress for the fast-paced economy. it shapes the industry at large. STIKK provides a platform that unites technology leaders to connect and collaborate, and it avidly supports members who push the boundaries to propel technology forward.

Since its establishment in 2008, STIKK has been able to achieve numerous successes and become one of the leading drivers of the ICT industry and ICT community in Kosovo. Striving towards the development of the ICT industry, STIKK implemented numerous projects aimed to promote the ICT sector of Kosovo, improve its regulatory framework, implement research and industry-specific analysis, and facilitate the professional development of the sector’s constituents.

STIKK currently accounts for 200+ members, which represents 90% of the whole ICT market of Kosovo. STIKK is dedicated to helping out the long-term growth of the Information and Communications Technology industry in Kosovo; is committed to improving the business environment for ICT, as well as promoting the contribution of Information and Communications Technology to economic growth and social progress in Kosovo.

STIKK seeks to participate in the development and implementation of policies by helping the Government and Institutions of Kosovo to understand current and future technology trends, and how technology can contribute to the economic growth of the country.

To apply:

Please submit a CV and a Motivation Letter to [email protected] by 5 December 2022 with the subject line “SAU Data Analyst & Researcher Position