The newest trends of the ICT sector have been presented today

Today, the 2018 edition of IT Barometer of Kosovo was presented publicly in front of the actors of the ICT community. This study was commissioned by STIKK with the purpose of gathering data on the operation and development of the IT sector in Kosovo and to analyze recent trends in the local IT industry. The survey was conducted by UBO Consulting.

A uniform questionnaire was developed for this purpose enabling horizontal comparison of data between regional countries. To gather information for this survey, a sample of 36 IT companies operating in Kosovo was used. The survey took place between September and November of 2018. The findings were discussed with Key Stakeholders in individual meetings/in-depth interviews, and their input was used to finalize the report. The entire process entailed close cooperation and collaboration with STIKK and its partners, with the ICT sector being the primary beneficiary of this document.

After the presentation, Ms. Vjollca Cavolli – Executive Director of STIKK , Mr. Besim Beqaj – Minister of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Mr. Ilir Rexha from GIZ, and Valmira Rexhebeqaj from UBO Consulting, discussed about the final report of Kosovo IT Barometer 2018.

Mr. Beqaj stated that, next year Kosovo will try to enter in a digital coalition with the EU, which would involve the ICT actors in Kosovo and will help improve the ICT ecosystem.

Mr. Rexha expressed his appreciation towards STIKK for producing this document that helps the sector improve. He also took the opportunity to invite all members of the ICT community to increase their cooperation with STIKK in order to have even more precise results for the next survey.

Ms. Rexhebeqaj, who presented the findings, during the discussions took questions on the technical aspects of the survey.

Ms. Vjollca Cavolli, as the host, thanked everyone for participating in the survey and ended the event by expressing her wish to see more cooperation in the future so that the following Barometers will be even more beneficial for the ICT sector.

The IT Barometer 2018 can be found here.

This activity is made possible with the support of the German Cooperation office, implemented by GIZ, through the Creating Employment through Export Promotion (CETEP) project.