The most impressive new projects have been presented by STIKK Education participants

After four months of hard work – 3 of them being intensive trainings and last month the development of their projects, STIKK Education participants reached the point they were working for – the presentation day.

After rehearsal day, 17th of December, today all the groups presented in front of our mentors and our companies. All groups had the chance to show their skills. The attendees had the opportunity to give feedback for each project, and in the end, they all agreed that all participants have done an outstanding work.

Vjollca Çavolli, the Executive Director of STIKK, was more than happy to announce that, with the support of GIZ, STIKK will offer support for the companies to pay for three months of internship.

We wish the best of luck to all the participants in their internships and future jobs, in the IT sector!

This activity is made possible with the support of the German Cooperation office, implemented by GIZ, through the Creating Employment through Export Promotion (CETEP) project.