STIKK hosts workshop on Investment Readiness at Tech Park Prishtina

STIKK successfully hosted a workshop on Investment Readiness on April 17th at Prishtina Tech Park. The insightful session, led by international expert Mr. Keo Sar, provided information and practical tips for startups seeking investment.

The workshop catered to a group of 15 attendees, specifically staff from STIKK member companies and startups. This targeted approach ensured the content directly addressed the needs and challenges faced by our members.

Attendees gained a deeper understanding of the importance of investment and the optimal timing for seeking it. Mr. Sar equipped participants with the knowledge to identify the most suitable investment options for their specific startups. The workshop provided valuable insights on sourcing investors and preparing for successful investor meetings.

Mr. Keo Sar, with his extensive experience (over 12 years) in Fintech, Marketplace, and Services sectors, brought a wealth of knowledge to the table. His proven track record of building and scaling companies across various industries as a COO, CRO, Executive Director, and VP provided invaluable insights for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Overall, the Investment Readiness Workshop served as a valuable platform for STIKK member companies and startups to gain the knowledge and tools needed to navigate the investment landscape and secure funding for their ventures.