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Ahmet Krasniqi, Veranda C2.7 Hyrja II, Lokali 7, Prishtinë, Kosovë

Member of Bronztë


Gjirafa is an Internet services juggernaut in Balkans. As an Albanian language search engine, a content platform, and e-commerce company, Gjirafa dominates or leads a variety of Internet consumer services in South East Europe. Launched for the first time in February 2013 and failed a week later. Re-launched on October 8th 2014, and since Gjirafa has been growing exponentially.

Our vision is to build and facilitate the Internet Economy in the Balkans, by focusing on core Internet services that lack in the region, for a market of around 12 million people. As such we are focused on the following space: online marketing ( and gjirafa AdNetwork), online retail and marketplace (,, and, online video content and TV (, offline to online services (, gjirafa bus schedule, and gjirafa classified), online payment processing (gjirafaWallet, currently in development), and Albanian AI (voice and text, coming soon).

So far, until the end of 2017, Gjirafa has over 3 million unique active monthly users, spanning from Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia, and from the Albanian speaking diaspora from Germany, Switzerland, United States, Italy, Turkey, Greece, and from another 50+ countries globally. As a pioneer in many products for the region, Gjirafa has seen revenue growth between 500% - 1,200% year to year for the past 3.5 years. At the core is the Gjirafa team - a group of entrepreneurs, with unmatched passion, hard work, and persistence that push their own boundaries on daily basis. Together with our partners, investors, our clients and users, we experience the impact on daily basis in literally digitalizing the region and create things that at first seem impossible, while building technology that is world standard.

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  • Company products: search engine, GjirafaPikBiz,,, GjirafaVideo, GjirafaAdNetwork, Gjirafa Lab

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