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TIVE Inc. is a Hi-tech startup company established in Boston, Massachusetts and it has presented itself on the global market as a pioneer in IoT with unique products and services that are closely related to “IoT in Supply Chain Management” with the concept of “In-Transit Monitoring”.

TIVE designs, manufactures and monitors “multi-sensor” equipment, via its own platform, so when framed in, various goods can make appropriate announcements/notifications during transport on the condition of the goods during air travel, rail, road or even sea anywhere in the world indicating the GPS position. The tracker also announces other important notifications such as: temperature, humidity, shock, cold/hot, light/dark, open/closed etc. for the goods of different customers being transported at the time.

Other details

  • Company services:

    GPS & Tracking Services, QA Automation, Software Development, Supply Chain Management
  • Year of foundation:

  • Number of employees:

  • Yearly annual:

    + 1 MIL.
  • Company products:

    TIVE tracker, TIVE monitoring platform

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