Girls in ICT Week 2024

During the annual Week of Girls in ICT, held from April 22nd to 27th, 2024, DigiWomen Cluster Kosovo organized a series of events under STIKK to promote ICT careers for girls.

DigiWomen Cluster members visited 12 secondary schools across Mitrovica, Peje, Gjakove, Prizren, Ferizaj, Drenas, Podujeve, Gjilan, and Pristina, reaching a total of 410 girls. These interactive sessions showcased the real-world experiences of women in the ICT field, including the challenges, triumphs, and exciting opportunities in this dynamic sector.

The girls’ curiosity was ignited, leading to engaging discussions about potential careers in ICT, from technical roles to entrepreneurial ventures. These STIKK activities were made possible with the support of the EnInGeP Project.

The Tech Empowerment Marketplace: Women Leading Innovation, held on April 25, 2024, at Prishtina’s Tech Park, was a success. The event brought together 80 participants, including 45 women entrepreneurs, from across Kosovo’s diverse industries.

Vjollca Cavolli (STIKK) and Alex Albertine (USAID Kosovo) opened the event, highlighting the importance of women in technology. A panel discussion featured successful women entrepreneurs from nine different sectors. Vesa Morina, Doresa Kabashi, Vlora Gashi, Iliriana Ibraj, and Diora Binxhiu shared their experiences overcoming challenges. A roundtable discussion led by Artan Avdiu (USAID) focused on the digitalization challenges faced by women-owned businesses.

The highlight was the B2B meetings. These sessions connected 15 women-led ICT businesses (DigiWoman Cluster) with potential clients in the Wood and Food processing sectors. Over 40 meetings facilitated idea exchange and potential collaborations.

The event attracted more participants than anticipated. The marketplace provided a platform for women in ICT to showcase their solutions to new clients in different sectors.

The Tech Empowerment Marketplace fostered collaboration and economic empowerment for women entrepreneurs. It raised awareness of the important role women play in driving innovation. This event was a significant step towards a future where women are leaders in Kosovo’s technological advancements.

DigiWomen Cluster Kosovo remains dedicated to empowering women in technology, breaking down barriers, and fostering an inclusive future in the ICT industry. Together, we can create lasting change and shape a brighter tomorrow.