XIth Assembly of STIKK

Prishtina, February 28th, 2019 – The Kosovo Association of Information and Communication Technology (STIKK) held the the eleventh (XI) assembly of the association on Thursday, during which the results and achievements of the previous year (2018) were presented and also the plans and activities for 2019 were laid down in front of the assembly members. These plans and activities enforce and continue the mission STIKK set out to accomplish which aims to improve the environment of doing business for the ICT sector in our country.
During the XI’th assembly of the association, representatives from numerous member companies were present, as well as, special guests including Mr. Valdrin Lluka – Minister of Economic Development and Mr. Neil Taylor – Head of EBRD for Kosovo. During his speech Mr. Lluka highlighted the support that the Ministry of Economic Development is offering to the ICT sector in Kosovo, both by promoting the sector, as well as, by making efforts in improving the general conditions of doing business for all the stakeholders in the sector. He emphasised the importance and dedication of the Ministry for the completion of the project for the Technological Park “Tech Park Prishtina“, a project that according to Mr. Lluka is one of the most ambitious projects to be implemented in Kosovo over the last few years and with a great impact on the overall economy of our country. Amongst other points he touched upon in his speech, Mr. Lluka also discussed about a few details regarding an upcoming project the Ministry is supporting, “Smart Villages“, a project that is also financed by the European Union. Following Mr. Lluka, Mr. Taylor discussed about the various forms in which EBRD supports the growth of the ICT sector and the willingness that EBRD has to be one of the financial pillars for the implementation of various projects aiming to improve the infrastructure of the ICT sector in Kosovo. He also noted that he is very impressed with the latest achievements of this sector over the last few years and that he is very confident that the sector will continue its trend of positive growth. Ending his speech, Mr. Taylor congratulated all the members of the assembly for their tireless work during 2018, which is supported by the results achieved during last year.
After the guest speakers speeches, the Executive Director of STIKK Mrs. Vjollca Cavolli presented the report of the work done during 2018, the plans and activities for this year (2019) with an emphasis on the the completion and opening of the Technological Park “Tech Park Prishtina“, a project that is currently in the final stage of implementation. Mrs. Cavolli also informed the assembly regarding the new members joining the association and the long-term plans set in motion.
As the last point of order of the assembly, an independent auditor has been voted by the members that will carry on the auditing process for the period 2019 – 2021.
As a catalyst to the dynamic technology industry, STIKK accelerates growth and progress for the fast-paced economy. it shapes the industry at large. STIKK provides a platform that unites technology leaders to connect and collaborate, and it avidly supports members who push the boundaries to propel technology forward.Since its establishment in 2008, STIKK was able to achieve numerous successes and become one of the leading drivers of the ICT industry and ICT community in Kosovo.
STIKK’s mission is to help create a better ICT business environment by improving standards and educational opportunities, and advocating with the government on behalf of its members to ensure that the sector will attract new business and investment.
So far, STIKK has 100+ registered members including ICT Companies, ICT Professionals, ICT Students and Academia which represents 90% of the total market in Kosovo.