STIKK publishes Kosovo IT Barometer 2021 – 2022 report

STIKK (Association of Information and Communication Technology in Kosovo) published the Kosovo IT Barometer report for the years 2021 – 2022. This comprehensive report provides a detailed analysis of the ICT sector in Kosovo, including its performance, trends , challenges and opportunities for growth.

The report release event, organized by STIKK and USAID, was attended by representatives from various sectors, including government, international institutions, academia and civil society, enabling fruitful discussions on the main findings of the report. Participants exchanged ideas and strategies to address identified challenges and take advantage of opportunities within the ICT sector in Kosovo.

Some of the important findings presented in the report are:

• 83% of ICT sector companies are owned by men, while 17% are owned by women.

• Companies with annual turnover over 500,000 euros make up 34% of the sector, indicating the presence of companies with significant financial resources and operations.

• The majority (50%) of respondents identified as software product developers.

• 85% of companies export services/products and among them 39% are focused only on international markets.

• Women-owned companies tend to have a higher percentage of female employees compared to men-owned companies.

• The average monthly salary in the ICT sector ranges from 800 euros to 3,200 euros, depending on the position and characteristics of the company.

• Companies need at least two months to replace departing employees and up to 6 months for more specialized positions.

• An overwhelming majority (74%) of companies reported that they face a shortage of skilled labor.

The report provides valuable insights for policy makers, industry stakeholders and potential investors. The report highlights the challenges facing the sector, including competition for skilled labour, access to finance and the need for institutional support. The report also shows that these challenges vary based on the size and annual turnover of the companies. The 2021-2022 IT Barometer study is supported by USAID Compete Activity Kosovo.

The 2021 – 2022 IT Barometer report is available on the STIKK website, providing an opportunity for all interested parties to access it.

STIKK remains committed to promoting cooperation, promoting the exchange of knowledge and implementing measures that will promote the growth and competitiveness of the ICT sector in Kosovo. We aim to address the challenges and exploit the opportunities identified in the IT Barometer report.

For more information about the report or to inquire further, please contact STIKK or visit