STIKK Partners with EnInGeP to Empower Women in Kosovo’s ICT Sector

STIKK signed the partnership agreement with the Enabling Income Generation for the Poor (EnInGeP) project. This collaboration focuses on three key objectives aimed at advancing the role of women in Kosovo’s information and communication technology (ICT) sector.

Fostering Collaboration and Growth

The partnership will establish a platform for networking and collaboration between women-owned ICT businesses in Kosovo and their counterparts in Austria. This initiative will facilitate the creation of new business opportunities and partnerships, fostering the growth of women-led enterprises in the ICT field.

Inspiring the Next Generation of Tech Leaders

Encouraging girls’ participation in the ICT sector is another crucial aspect of this partnership. By igniting a passion for technology among young women, STIKK and EnInGeP aim to empower the next generation of female tech leaders in Kosovo.

Supporting Career Development

The partnership will provide valuable support for girls with a passion for technology. Through dedicated programs and initiatives, STIKK and EnInGeP will help them develop their technical skills and navigate successful career paths within the ICT industry.

Building a More Inclusive ICT Landscape

STIKK and EnInGeP share a vision of a future where women actively contribute to shaping and driving Kosovo’s ICT sector. This partnership represents a significant step towards achieving this goal and promoting greater gender equality within the industry.

About the EnInGeP Project

The EnInGeP project is funded by the Austrian Development Agency and implemented by CARE International and ECIKS. It addresses critical challenges faced by Kosovo’s private sector, with a focus on job creation, improved access to finance, and reducing gender inequalities.

STIKK is committed to working alongside EnInGeP to build a more inclusive and prosperous ICT sector in Kosovo. We look forward to sharing further developments on this exciting partnership in the future.