STIKK Internship Project Empowers Young Professionals in the ICT Sector

STIKK’s dynamic internship initiative has successfully onboarded 30 interns across 14 esteemed member companies. Supported by GIZ, STIKK proudly inaugurated its Internship Program, designed to furnish aspiring professionals with hands-on experience within the ever-evolving ICT landscape.

Through this pioneering endeavor, member companies of STIKK have seized the opportunity to enhance their operational capabilities by enlisting talented interns across a spectrum of disciplines including programming, software engineering, marketing, finance, and human resources.

STIKK’s Internship Project offers a three-month paid engagement within member companies, with financial coverage for two months facilitated by the project itself. This unique approach streamlines the onboarding process for companies, ensuring a seamless integration of much-needed talent into their workforce.

The internship program included seventeen women and thirteen men, promoting gender inclusion in the ICT sector. The program successfully bridged the gap between academic knowledge and practical application, with nineteen interns securing regular employment contracts after their internships. This outcome significantly contributed to reducing unemployment and enhancing the skill set of the local workforce.