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Rruga Tirana nr.31, Lakrishte, Ndertesa Arting, kati XII, nr. 33, Kosovë



Melita&Partners is Limited Liability Company established in 2010 with a purpose to provide our customers with tools, guidance, software solutions, that enable them to improve their business processes, have accurate information in order that owners, managers and investors need to evaluate a company’s financial performance and make informed decisions.

Our main objective is to advise customers in professional manner so they can grow and prosper further.
We differentiate from ordinary companies, because we are proactive in providing advises to our customers so they can improve bookkeeping, accounting and financial management, including financial reporting, planning and forecasting, funding and resource allocation, revenue and cost management, payroll services, managing performance against objectives, and improving operational management and utilization of assets.

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    Financial Information System (FIS), Financial Management Systems
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