Anëtarë i argjendtë

TIMEFRAME is a German Software solution company that is specialized on near shoring services specializing in software development. With our expertise we offer high quality full stack software development services from systems programming, to web up to mobile and VR, we employ talented software engineers who worked for Nokia and various big software corporate in order to deliver best possible quality of service.

Qarkullimi vjetor: 50,000-250,000

Shërbimet e Kompanisë: Android Development Services , Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), Digital Marketing Consulting, iOS Development Services, QA Automation, Software Development, Web Development and Design, Web Site Maintenance

Viti i themelimit: 2016

Nr. i Punonjësve: 0-10

Produktet e kompanisë: callFRAME, passFRME