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Tel: +381 38 5 22222

Mobil: +377 45 777 200

E-mail: [email protected]

Uebfaqja: www.entermedia.tv

Str. Isa Kastrati House # 113, Velani

Prishtinë, Kosovë

Entermedia began its journey in 2004 as a new company with big ideas. Seeing the market potential of the advertising, pr and entertainment industry, co-founders and classmates Leutrim Blakaj & Granit Limani sought to create audiovisual experiences that would set and raise the bar for video-production and creative advertising in many European countries.

Driven by love, passion and hard work, the duo soon grew into a dynamic team that would go on to transform Entermedia into a regionally recognized creative agency & video production - delivering advertising/communication, video, post-production and other multimedia services, thus expanding and rapidly attracting a roster of distinguished clients who shared its vision for quality-driven visual solutions.

Over the last few years, Entermedia has evolved and matured; we have continuously strengthened our focus to best meet the needs of our clients while operating in an ever-changing and diverse marketplace. As a video production house, we are best known for co-producing the award-winning national branding campaign “Kosovo - The Young Europeans” along with several other acclaimed projects in the entertainment field.

Today, Entermedia is based in New York, Nuremberg and Pristina. It boasts a team of 20+ professionals who have served 250+ clients and worked on 500+ projects. The company is now running at full-steam - expanding the business into new ventures and markets, most recently in the event videography & photography industry www.vello.tv

So as we prepare to embark on many other journeys together, we make sure we are always guided by our core principles:


Shërbimet e Kompanisë: Animation and 3D Services, Campaign Development and Art Direction, Media Monitoring & Analysis, Social Media Services, Video Production and Support

Viti i themelimit: 2004

Produktet e kompanisë: NA