Breakfast with STIKK member companies and member companies of the German-Kosovo Economic Chamber (OEGJK)

27 September 2016

Today, on 27th of September 2016, the traditional breakfast meeting organized by STIKK in cooperation with OEGJK is happening.

The breakfast meeting with member companies of STIKK and member companies of OEGJK was opened by the Board President of STIKK – Mr. Mentor Sahiti and the Executive Director of OEGJK – Mr. Albert Matoshi.

Member companies of STIKK and member companies of OEGJK are participating at this meeting, where they are discussing topics related to potential collaborations and development of the IT sector.

In addition, member companies of STIKK are discussing about creation of more opportunities in exporting their services and creating a more suitable system in doing that. This system would positively impact the increase of efficiency because it would allow companies to have an automatic form through which companies would operate faster and be more accessible in the market.

Furthermore, it was emphasized that OEGJK will work on prioritizing the IT sector in order for the partnership to be more sustainable. This partnership will also enhance the creation of job opportunities, a factor which directly impacts the development of economy in general.